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Transformational Speaker

These topics are availabe as keynotes or workshops ranging in length from an hour to a full day.


For Business Audiences & Organizations:


For Change-Agent, New Thought, and Spirituality Audiences:

  • Live an Ecstatic & Meaningful Life
  • Be Your Own Sage: Put an End to Guru & Celebrity Worship

For Women Audiences

  • Body-Soul-Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself
  • Emergent Women: A Transformational Journey for Leading Women of Our Time
  • Women of Vision, Love, Power & Grace



A Speaker for any Stage

Tambra is a profound, gifted woman. Her ability to be on stage and speak changes the lives of so many women in such a short period of time. Her content, her vibration, her energy while she's speaking is so powerful that I witnessed a shift happen in the room as I watch her speak on stage.

She is an incredible soul who knows her purpose. She knows that she has big mission in life - that she is going to help, support and transform so many lives. I'm honored to know Tambra and want to say to those who have not yet had an opportunity to tap into this amazing treasure, I highly recommend you be in touch with her and share her gifts with you.

I have invited Tambra to come speak on stage at two of my events this year, and attended her Emergent Women event. Each time I was amazed by the energy and synergy of the room -- and the response of the women in the audience to her message and delivery. I highly recommend Tambra as a speaker for any stage.



Sahar Kordahi
Founder: The Bright Side of Life
Co-Creator: The Gift of Acceptance



Meeting planners and booking agents, you are welcome to download a full description of these topics. Speaking Topics

For more information about booking Tambra for your upcoming event, conference or retreat, email Office @ TambraHarck.com


Tambra is a Welcome Guest on Live Stages and Virtual Events


A sample of events where Tambra has spoken:

  • Bright Side of Life Women's Gathering
  • Amazing Women's Day
  • Emergent Women
  • Act Now (now known as Saachi + Saachi S)
  • International Society of Special Events
  • Spiritual Messengers Global Soul Summit
  • Healing Superwoman Syndrome Virtual Retreat
  • Super Yoga Mamma - Live from the Heart Telesummit
  • Legendary Life Summit
  • Pathways Institute Life Skills Programs
  • National Association of Catering Executives
  • Plus 1000s of classes, book readings, workshops and radio shows.


Style, Honesty... Dedication.


Tambra's presentation style, honesty, self-care, dedication to our planet and deep spiritual commitment made this conference something that was special and different. She was being true to herself and to us. I attend A LOT of events, and this stood out.

                                      --Ana Costa

                                         attended live event








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