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Vision for Our World . Forming a New Company in a New Way

Will You Join Me, and Support the Realization of Vision for Our Time?


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A New Global Project & Initiative

I am forming a new company. Our primary mission is to inspire, educate, and most importantly to facilitate and foster connections and collaborations among the people who make up the five collectives in the world that will individually and collectively guide us through the transformation, into to a new potential of humanity.

The Five Collectives are:

  • Humanitarian Visionaries
  • Conscious Entrepreneurs / Proponents of Sustainable Business
  • Emergent Women (women who are shifting from a personal masculine identity into an integrated feminine-masculine, inner-outer, enlightened-shadow way of being)
  • Healers (especially those who have been reluctant and in hiding)
  • Generation often referred to as Millennials (mostly born 10 years either side of 2000)

Our services will be delivered via virtual media, in-person, and multi-media. Products will be in service to Our Mission and to the development and transformation of the Five Collectives.

The services and product offerings we provide will touch millions of people around the planet, enriching the lives of billions now and beyond.


The Governing Values of this new initiative include:

    • Collaboration and Cooperation.
    • From Me to We: Synergy and Co-Creation.
    • Integrity: Whole and Just.
    • Soul-Level Transformation.
    • Contribution is Reciprocity.
    • Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability, Spiritual Enrichment.


Tambra Harck is the visionary and founder of this new global project. She is currently interviewing for members of an Advisory Board for the formation of the company and its first global, creative project.



Are You a ...

Visionary Humanitarian,

Conscious Entrepreneur,

An Emergent Woman,

A Healer,

or Were You Born into the Millennial Generation?

Or Perhaps a combination of several?

If so, you are who I best serve, as a guide and colleague, supporting you to live and lead more fully from your soul-inspired vision. Enter your name and email here to apply to join us for a newly forming World Forum of Transformers... for collaborations and connections, leading to a new human potential.

Your information is kept private and you will receive a subscription to Tambra's soul-inspired, life-affirming, transformational enews which comes out twice a month.

We'll also send you the mp3 from a powerful radio show: Commitment to Life.



The Visionary and Founder

A note from Tambra:

Let's be clear, this is not about me, Tambra.

It's about US.

My work has been "ME" focused for decades.

Not just me, as in, me. It's been "me" for my clients and students, audiences and the organizations that I've worked with.

The focus has been, "What's in it for me?... What about me?..."

Today that's all changing.

It's been coming for a long, long time.

That's why NOW is the time to form this new expression of my work, and our collaborations, and to come into full service in the world.

We're moving from "Me to We." Oh, yeah!

Do you feel or sense or know the resonance of this? ... If so, you're going to love, Love, LOVE what's coming.

As of this writing, I'm interviewing key people to be on the Advisory Board.

I see our immediate projects and collaborations, and those we'll be rolling out around the world in the months and years to come. Members of the Advisory Board will assist with their expertise, wisdom and resources as we set the foundation for this new and timely company, and our mission.

I have been preparing for this my entire life. The time is now.

If you have a contribution, voice, expertise or resources you would like to offer in service to our mission, please email me privately at Tambra (at) TambraHarck.com.

Together, we are whole,





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