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About Tambra Harck

Tambra Harck is a spiritual mentor and speaker and author of Sacred Truths: An Unveiled Path to an Abundance of Joy, Meaning and Love, who guides successful business and thought leaders through intuitive and soul-level transformation. She specializes in helping these individuals to reveal their true spiritual nature, and create success from there. Through her process and powerful intuition she helps clients to fully express their desired visions and guides them to expand, and become more integrated in their connections between the practical and spiritual, a blending of feminine and masculine energies, and in other areas that transform their vision, leadership and impact.

“I am inspired that today we can create new definitions of what it means to experience success; and that in our individual and collective awakening, we can and will end atrocities in the world, and against ourselves and each other,” says Tambra, of her life’s mission.

By the age of 10, Tambra experienced two “visions” that have influenced and informed her life. Unsure of their meaning, she didn’t reveal these for many years. At age 12 she began practicing yoga, and by age 13 she embarked on her spiritual self-study through the writings of Kahlil Gibran and Krishnamurti and by attending spiritual events with her mother. This led to the lifelong journey of exploring and integrating spiritual, philosophical, psychological, mythical, archetypal, relational and energetic principles and practices.

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Today, Tambra reaches tens of thousands of people each year through her courses, products, speaking engagements and Joy of Love and Life radio show. She guides people to the unique expressions that they are, showing clients and audiences how to create and live a life that honors them fully. She realizes personal and professional evolution is one thing, but it is spiritual growth that truly feeds the soul in ways that are difficult to define with words. Through her voice she emanates energetic vibrations that induce healing, insight, clarity, peace and love. Tambra creates customized programs and retreats for her clients, allowing them to step away from their everyday environment and have transformational experiences. Her work has led to the creation of new and successful businesses, restoration of faith, renewed love in relationships, compassion and clarity during difficult situations, a deeper understanding of self and much more.

In Tambra’s first book, Sacred Truths: An Unveiled Path to an Abundance of Joy, Meaning and Love, she reveals that it is our inner soul-level, spiritual development that leads each of us to our higher selves, issuing in the experience of life we each long for – of feeling vitally awake and alive. The Six Sacred Truths presented in this book are founded on Divine Laws, and invite the reader to hear the call of one’s own soul, and to integrate one’s truth into daily life.

Out of Tambra’s commitment to integrate feminine and masculine energies, she contributes to and promotes The Pachamama Alliance, and the initiative,


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